Quiz Time: Animal Magnetism (wonderful winery animals of the Central Coast)

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With so many great wineries along the Central Coast, you know it can be hard to pick which one to visit. 

Instead of the usual criteria—AVA, area, grape, style, membership—how about creating your next wine-tasting itinerary based on the four-legged welcomers at several wineries?

Here are a few of our favorite winery personalities. Test your animal magnetism by matching each ambassador with his or her winery home or organization.

Winery Animal Ambasssadors

1. Gladys the Pug

2. Brix the Cat

3. Mustcat the Cat

4. Bentley the English Bulldog

5. Vincent the Cat (with the notched ear, named after V. Van Gogh), and the late grey Desperado, who sadly passed a while back

6. Chardonnay the Cat (who sadly passed a few months ago)

7. Sophie Ann the German Shepherd

8. Working teams of sheep, alpacas, and guard donkeys Fiona and Dottie

Winery Homes

A. Autry Cellars

B. Castoro Cellars

C. Doce Robles

D. Tablas Creek Vineyard

E. Saucelito Canyon

F. Whalebone Vineyard

G. Midnight Cellars

H. Croad Vineyard

And while they don’t live at a winery, we’re always awed by the beauty of the animals—from opossums and porcupines to screech owls and kangaroos—that Zoo to You has brought to several winery events this year, including the 46 West Wine Safari and SLO Wine Country’s Roll Out the Barrels 4×2 Passport event.

Who are your favorite four-legged winery ambassadors? Please let us know so we can add them to our list and help them get more of the scritches and admiration they deserve!

Answer Key

1. Gladys the Pug  / Saucelito Canyon

2. Brix the Cat / Croad Vineyard

3. Mustcat the Cat / Autry Cellars

4. Bentley the English Bulldog / Whalebone Vineyard

5. Vincent and Desperado the Cats / Castoro Cellars

6. Chardonnay the Cat / Midnight Cellars

7. Sophie Ann the German Shepherd / Doce Robles

8. Working sheep, alpacas, and guard donkeys / Tablas Creek Vineyard

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