Life is short. Let’s fill it with Great Flavors!

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November 1, 2016 — Yippee! We’re live!

We’re super excited to welcome you to Great Flavors, your new home for exploring and celebrating the lifestyle and community along California’s Central Coast, from Oceano to San Luis Obispo and a bit beyond.

Great Flavors was born from our daily appreciation of living in such a glorious place, a heart-felt desire to share the great opportunities that surround us, and to engage with and enrich a great community of people who also believe in filling life with great flavors.

Our mission, which we heartily accept, is to share the best of the Central Coast, from farm to table and vineyard to glass, to the natural beauty and activities that are right outside our doors, to the people who share their talents in so many ways and events that help fill life with color and fun.

Great Flavors was founded on a single belief:
We aim to be the best people, company, and community member we can be and we encourage others to bring their best to life.
Together, we engage and enhance our community, enrich each other’s lives, and enjoy the journey along the way.

Our vision for Great Flavors is for our site to have, well, flavor! And lots of it! We’re two real people who share the belief that life is too short and way too precious to settle for mediocre and second-rate — in anything. But that doesn’t mean every experience must be expensive … just rich.

Great Flavors is not a repository of flavorless listings and dull descriptions. In everything we write, you’ll know why it mattered to us or why we wanted to share it with you — our friends, neighbors, and visitors who together create this great community.

We’ll share our real selves, and we welcome you to join in the conversation. Chime in, share ideas, and suggest your own flavorites. We’re all about building our community, inspiring each of us to bring our best to whatever we do, and celebrating often, perhaps over a slice of No GFA* carrot cake from the Great Flavors Bakery, which provides bursting-with-flavor handcrafted baked goods that happen to be gluten free (yep, that’s why we have GF in our name).

We can’t wait to meet you here on the site or in person at an upcoming event.

Please join us at

Pull up a chair, grab a spork and a wine glass. Life’s awaiting. Let’s start filling it with great flavors.

Humbled and delighted to be here,
Kara and Andrew
The Flavor Team

(*You can read more about our stance on No GFA on our Flavor Team page, or hop over to our Great Flavors Bakery site and taste for yourself.)

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