SLO Hard Core Cider Tour / Newcomer Profile: Two Broads Ciderworks

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The Hard Core Cider Tour gathers some of the best hard cider makers from California and beyond, and shares the great tastes with cider fans on its tour stops in lucky California towns.

Each year, the event grows, as does the list of cider makers participating—which means we all get to experience and explore even more quality hard ciders.

This year, one of the newcomers to the SLO Hard Core Cider Tour is Two Broads Ciderworks from San Luis Obispo. Here, co-owners and cider-makers Maggie and Morgan share a bit about their journey into the hard cider community and why they’re excited to be joining the Tour.

Welcome to the Hard Core Cider Tour, Maggie and Morgan! Can’t wait to see you (and taste your ciders) at the SLO Hard Core Cider Tour on October 21 at El Chorro Regional Park.

Two Broads Ciderworks logo

Q. How did you get into creating hard cider, and how long have you been doing it?

A. For the past 12 or so years, we had a tradition every Fall of heading to See Canyon and stopping by the orchards to pick up heirloom apples. We were blown away by the quality and variety of flavors from the heirloom apples compared to what we knew from mass market apples. We’d make pies and apple butter and give them away as gifts. At the time, we had also started home brewing beer, and it was a natural progression from there to make cider from all the great apples we can get here.

Two Broads Ciderworks photo
Maggie and Morgan’s annual Fall treks up See Canyon Road for local, flavorful heirloom apples led to their hard-cider-making journey and the creation of Two Broads Ciderworks in San Luis Obispo.

Q. What is your cider style or specialty?

A. Tough question! We adore the variety found among English, French, and Spanish ciders, but some of those traditional styles are hard to make because the apple varieties aren’t widely grown here (yet!). The cider world in the US is still new and figuring itself out. We do, however, have access to some great heirloom dessert apple varieties that make delicious cider in their own right. A few organizations are calling these “New World Ciders.”

We tend to like dry ciders, so don’t expect overly sweet stuff from us. We’ll follow our muse; that’s about all we can promise! We have some fun ciders, like a hopped cider and a kumquat cider, and we also have some single-varietal and heirloom blended ciders. We’re also working on a few surprises in terms of cider that haven’t been seen yet on the Central Coast.

Q. What are you most excited about or looking forward to about participating in the Hard Core Cider Tour?

A. Since this is our first festival pouring as an “official cider producer,” we are just dang excited to even be there! Opening a business is hard, especially when you’re trying to hold down day jobs. We are most excited to pour our products for actual customers for the first time, anywhere.

Q. Where are your hard ciders available in SLO county after the Tour?

A. We are located in an industrial building in San Luis Obispo, off Broad St., about a block from Bang the Drum brewery. We have approved plans for a small tasting room and an outdoor patio, which we’ll start building after we get some products packaged and a few sales out. For now, check our social media and website for updates on local bottle shops, restaurants, and grocers that will carry our ciders. We also plan to have limited bottles available for sale at the festival.

For more information:
Two Broads Ciderworks

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