SLO Hard Core Cider Tour / Newcomer Profile: Krazy Farm Cider Company

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The Hard Core Cider Tour gathers some of the best hard cider makers from California and beyond, and shares the great tastes with cider fans on its tour stops in lucky California towns.

Each year, the event grows, as does the list of cider makers participating—which means you get to experience and explore even more hard ciders.

This year, one of the newcomers to the SLO Hard Core Cider Tour is Krazy Farm Cider Company from the Santa Cruz Mountains. Here, owner and cider-maker Noah Selman shares a bit about his journey into the hard cider community and his why he’s excited to be joining the Tour.

Welcome to the Hard Core Cider Tour, Noah and Krazy Farm! Can’t wait to see you (and taste your ciders) at the SLO Hard Core Cider Tour on October 21 at El Chorro Regional Park.

Krazy Farm Cider Company logo

Q. How did you get into creating hard cider, and how long have you been doing it?

A. I started making hard cider on my farm in the Santa Cruz mountains around 2013. I’d been running an organic farm there for 10 years. Since I’ve never grown winter crops on the farm, I wanted to find a project and a product that could keep me busy through the cold months to come. This opened the door for my endeavors into the cider explosion going on. Krazy Farm ciders are now made at my production facility in Stevenson, Washington.

Q. What is your cider style or specialty?

Noah Selman Krazy Farm Cider image
Noah Selman (clowning around on the right) with Kevin Strong. Noah makes hard ciders at Krazy Farm Cider Company, as one of the products produced on the organic farm he started 10 years ago in the Santa Cruz mountains.

A. After two years of trials, I came up with some flavor profiles that family and friends enjoyed so much that they pushed me to produce on a commercial scale.  To take it to the next step, I enrolled in classes offered through Oregon State University and learned some of the ins and outs of the business.

Over the years of my own trials, I wanted to try what the market had to offer. Every chance I got, I picked up other hard ciders to try and compare notes.

This led me to the Krazy Farm style of cider: a crisp, clean cider that was not too funky or too sweet, and that had decent character notes.

Q. What are you most excited about or looking forward to about participating in the Hard Core Cider Tour?

A. I have been selling cider in the San Luis Obispo area since February 2017. Participating in the Hard Core Cider Tour allows cider fans and the general public to enjoy many ciders they may have not had yet, including Krazy Farm. I hope to gain some momentum in the area as our insanely good Cider deserves.

Q. Where are your hard ciders available in SLO county after the Tour?

A.  Krazy Farm is available in a bunch of places! Here are the latest ones.

  • Gus’s Grocery
  • Sidewalk Market
  • Quick Stop
  • SLO Beverages and More
  • Campus Liquor
  • Morro Bay Market
  • Cork n Bottle / Morro Bay
  • Los Osos Liquor
  • California Fresh Market
  • Shell Beach Liquor

On tap (call ahead to confirm)

  • Blast 825 Pizza  / SLO
  • Stax Wine Bar / Morro Bay
  • Three Stacks and A Rock Brewing Company / Morro Bay

For more information:

Krazy Farm Hard Cider

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