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We are literally surrounded by great food on the Central Coast, from the simple pleasure of fresh local produce picked right before dawn to fresh-caught seafood from the ports that line the coast.

You’ll find our flavorites for the best take-out places, ethnic restaurants, and coffee shops as well our recommendations for special-occasion dining. 

And in case you want to pick up some local produce and provisions, we include tips on visiting farmer’s markets. We also share places to find some great gluten-free fare.

Food & Dining

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  • A beer journey into the collaboration of Beda's new beer collaboration with Docs Cellar. Beda’s Got Biers – Custom-Brewed Authentic German Biers Debut in San Luis Obispo

    Thanks to a collaboration between Beda’s Biergarten and the Doc’s Cellar new custom brewery in San Luis Obispo, authentic Altbier and Kellerbier beers have arrived on the Central Coast. These new/old beers/biers will debut at BedaFest on August 19 at La Cuesta Ranch. Bier: Not Just a Beverage Bier (or beer) is more than just […]

  • BedaFest – Your Best Fest for Fun in San Luis Obispo

    Looking for an event that everyone can enjoy, from kids to grandparents, and everyone in between? Or want to celebrate the last days of summer before school starts? Then make plans to attend BedaFest! The fun happens on Sunday, August 19, from 1:oo – 7:00 pm at La Cuesta Ranch in San Luis Obispo. Family Fun. […]

  • The Spoon Trade Review – Grover Beach: Exceptional Dining, Unexpected Place

    When Brooke and Chef Jacob Town opened The Spoon Trade in 2015, their New American Eatery restaurant just a block from the ocean in Grover Beach, it culminated nearly 20 years of continually honing their culinary and hospitality talents. But the spark first ignited many years ago in a most unexpected place: a badly lit […]

  • Fromagerie Sophie: A World of Taste in San Luis Obispo

    Feature Video: Fromagerie Sophie Once you step over the threshold and into Fromagerie Sophie, a little shop on tree-lined Garden Street in downtown San Luis Obispo, you enter another world: your neighborhood fromagerie in your hometown of Paris. Along with Époisses de Bourgogne, Langres, Tome des Pictons, and more from France, your eyes take in […]

  • Old San Luis BBQ Review – BBQ and Taproom Downtown San Luis Obispo

    The Old San Luis BBQ Company, located at 670 Higuera Street just off Nipomo Street, is easy to spot from the street and has a large metered parking lot to make it easy to visit this downtown San Luis Obispo eatery. Just look for the walk-up order window and get started. Why We Like It: […]

  • Want to scratch “make awesome dessert” off your Thanksgiving to-do list?

    And share a dessert that everyone can enjoy? Great Flavors Bakery is here to help!  We load our artisan cakes with fresh, local, often organic ingredients and they are brimming with amazing flavor (and magically, no gluten–but  you’d never, ever know by their award-winning* taste). Order by Friday 11/17 and your cake  (brown-butter pumpkin or […]

  • Taste the World (of Cheese) with this Passport

    When owners Sophie Boban-Doering and Paul Doering opened Fromagerie Sophie, the cute European-inspired cheese shop in downtown San Luis Obispo, in 2013, they wanted to share their love of cheese and travel. Now four years later, Fromagerie Sophie has earned its reputation as the SLO County launch point for tasting great cheeses (plus specialty meats, […]

  • 8575 Perfetto Caffe: Blending coffee, food, and the warmth of Italy on the Central Coast

    When opportunity knocks, if you don’t say “why not,” you will always wonder “what if….” Feature Video Hot water streams through the finely ground coffee and into the ceramic cup waiting below. When the whir of the espresso machine stops, Gennaro places the doppio (double shot) on the counter and turns the cup just so. […]

  • Sweet News: Great Flavors Bakery Wins Bake-Off

    Super excited, humbled, and pleased to share that two of our Great Flavors Bakery products were winners in the recent 2017 Arroyo Grande Harvest Festival Bake-Off Contest. Our sunshiny lemon cookies won 2nd place in the Cookie category. And our spiced carrot cake won 1st place in the competitive Harvest Gone Wild category: bakers choice […]

  • Some Ciders and Cheeses Meet in a Pub, and Here’s What Happened [Bristols Cider House and Fromagerie Sophie Pairing Event]

    Ever wondered if hard ciders play well with cheeses from the around the world? Learn the outcomes of this uncommon pairing. Spoiler alert: deliciousness ahead. Event Recap: Cider and Cheese Pairing, June 3, 2017 Hand-crafted ciders made true to English standards? Hand-crafted cheeses from around the world? Both in one place overflowing with the friendly […]

  • Divine Thai: Explore the Savory Treasures of Thailand (without leaving the Central Coast)

    Life’s a journey and an adventure, right? On our journey, we get to see new places, experience new surroundings — and savor the foods unique to the place. As the journey unfolds, we learn a little more about the world, and about ourselves. As part of our journey, we travel, and travel is good for […]

  • SpringFest: Wolff Vineyards and Beda’s Biergarten pair great German food and Edna Valley wine*

    *including the elusive Teroldego On April 2, Wolff Vineyards and Beda’s Biergarten paired up for pairings of a deliciously different sort at SpringFest 2017. Held at the lovely Wolff Vineyards, perched on the side of a hill with an unobstructed view of the Edna Valley, the event drew a good crowd. From young couples to […]

  • Talley Farms Fresh Harvest CSA: Local, Fresh Produce Made Easy

    If Oliver Talley were here today, I think he’d raise a fresh green bean* in a hearty toast. Why? Because the vegetable farm he started in 1948 in the fertile Arroyo Grande Valley now also provides fresh produce to 4,500 subscribers from SLO County and throughout California, Nevada, and Arizona, through the Talley Farms Fresh Harvest CSA. […]

  • SLO Restaurant Month and Go Local Wine Deals: Just the Ticket to Flavor-up January Doldrums

    I love staying at home and eating the same old dinners and drinking cheap bottles of gift wine. Said no one ever. Is the post-holiday January hum-drum getting you down? Can’t wait for longer days and warmer weather? Here’s just the thing to get back to the sunny side: food, wine, specials, and celebrating our […]

  • Beda’s Biergarten: SLO’s Home for Gemütlichkeit

    Camaraderie and community transcend language and geography. Food: German Category: Pub Gluten-free friendly: Yes The Umami of a Place If a restaurant is to become the go-to place for locals and a destination for out-of-towners, great food and drinks are assumed. Instead, it’s the special sauce — the umami of the indescribable combination of ingredients beyond […]

  • Karami Salsa

    Combining local ingredients with a regional flair, Karami Salsa joins the great flavors of green chiles with a delicious twist. What if the ingredients for a beloved side dish from your native country are not just hard to come by, they’re impossible to procure? The first generation of Karami Salsa was born from this predicament. […]