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Cider & Spirits

Cider & Spirits

The Central Coast deserves its reputation as a hotspot for craft hard cider, with a range of hard cider companies, both in size of production and style.

To explore the cider world, we share notes from tasting room visits as well as Cidermaking Spotlight stories that take you behind the scenes and introduce you to the personalities in the cider world.

We cover annual events showcasing the range of cider artistry. Check out our Hard Cider Tasting Event Guide and our Great Flavors California Cider Guide  for insider conversations with cider producers, a tasting map, cider-making steps, tips for cider tasting, and more.

Spirits is another booming Central Coast beverage option, often made from the “must” (grape skins, seeds, and stems) remaining after the wine production process, as well as other ingredients. Distilleries are popping up all over the Central Coast, and we share our visits.

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