350 Cookie Co. Review — No Crumbs Left Behind (2019)

What happens when a chef who loves ‘90s pop culture focuses his talent on the humble cookie? The humble cookie is transformed. At 350 Cookie Co, Chef Jeff DiGirolamo creates renditions of old favorites and new expressions of anything-but-boring cookies. 350 Cookie Co. (named for the oven temperature to bake his cookies) started in 2016. […]

The Hatch Review – Rotisserie is the spice of life in Paso Robles

Picture of a picture. the Hatch sign and logo

Was rotisserie chicken a thing at restaurants years ago? I don’t remember eating a lot of rotisserie chicken when I was younger. Maybe I did, but it sure didn’t make an impression as a memorable food. You may feel the same way, or think that rotisserie chicken is those foil bags in the hot deli […]

Firestone Grill review: tri-tip sandwich with an attitude

“Order number 169,” the announcer clearly calls out the next order up. It kind of reminds me of a boxing match on TV and I wonder if “Leeet’s get ready to TRI TIP….” ding, ding, ding, will be the next words over the loudspeaker. Firestore Grill sits at the heart of downtown San Luis Obispo. […]

Goshi Restaurant – Review (Japanese food in San Luis Obispo)

Cover Image for our Great Flavors Central Coast Goshi restaurant review

Located near downtown San Luis Obispo just inside the newly renovated Creamery area is a rare treat. Nestled in the corner lot off of Nipomo street is Goshi, an exceptional Japanese restaurant and experience. Along with its authentic and traditional food, Goshi serves the look and feel of Japan. Here you will find much more […]

Flour House: Review – Napoletana Pizza and More

Flour House in San Luis Obispo elevates pizza from mere crust, sauce, and toppings to the art form known as Napoletana pizza. Stop by this restaurant and taste for yourself why this pizza is the national treasure of Naples, and enjoy a side dish of its Italian history and culture. Tucked into downtown San Luis […]

The Spoon Trade Review – Grover Beach: Exceptional Dining, Unexpected Place

When Brooke and Chef Jacob Town opened The Spoon Trade in 2015, their New American Eatery restaurant just a block from the ocean in Grover Beach, it culminated nearly 20 years of continually honing their culinary and hospitality talents. But the spark first ignited many years ago in a most unexpected place: a badly lit […]

Fromagerie Sophie: A World of Taste in San Luis Obispo

Feature Video: Fromagerie Sophie Once you step over the threshold and into Fromagerie Sophie, a little shop on tree-lined Garden Street in downtown San Luis Obispo, you enter another world: your neighborhood fromagerie in your hometown of Paris. Along with Époisses de Bourgogne, Langres, Tome des Pictons, and more from France, your eyes take in […]

Old San Luis BBQ Review – BBQ and Taproom Downtown San Luis Obispo

The Old San Luis BBQ Company, located at 670 Higuera Street just off Nipomo Street, is easy to spot from the street and has a large metered parking lot to make it easy to visit this downtown San Luis Obispo eatery. Just look for the walk-up order window and get started. Why We Like It: […]

Want to scratch “make awesome dessert” off your Thanksgiving to-do list?

And share a dessert that everyone can enjoy? Great Flavors Bakery is here to help!  We load our artisan cakes with fresh, local, often organic ingredients and they are brimming with amazing flavor (and magically, no gluten–but  you’d never, ever know by their award-winning* taste). Order by Friday 11/17 and your cake  (brown-butter pumpkin or […]

Taste the World (of Cheese) with this Passport

When owners Sophie Boban-Doering and Paul Doering opened Fromagerie Sophie, the cute European-inspired cheese shop in downtown San Luis Obispo, in 2013, they wanted to share their love of cheese and travel. Now four years later, Fromagerie Sophie has earned its reputation as the SLO County launch point for tasting great cheeses (plus specialty meats, […]