Hard Core Cider Tour: Experience the Sparkle (Updated 2019)

2019 Hard Code Cider Tour Schedule San Luis Obispo Oct. 26, 2019 El Chorro Regional Park 🎫 More Information Nine Ways the Hard Core Cider Tour Creates a Sparkling Guest Experience that You Don’t Want to Miss  There are oodles of beer festivals, wine-tasting events, and even a bubbly fest or two. But there aren’t […]

Central Coast Cider Festival – 2019 Recap

4th Annual This year, the fourth annual Central Coast Cider Festival, held August 10-11, featured a variety of ciders from producers throughout California. With a broad range of styles and tastes, from super fruity to dry to even a coffee-infused cider, there truly was something for everyone. Like a new bottling of the current year’s […]

Cider Conversations: Looking to the Past, Present and Future with Jean Marie Cidery

Past, Present and Future with Jean Marie Cidery The co-founders of Jean Marie Cidery met in a most unlikely place: a Crossfit gym in San Luis Obispo. With different backgrounds seemingly unsuited to a business partnership — with Connor Meznarich is from the wine and hard cider industry and Branden Welshons is a CPA — […]

Margarita Tasting Events: Actionable Tips to Maximize Your Experience

What’s not to like about margaritas? This tasty beverage, which dates back to the 14th century in Jalisco, Mexico, combines tequila, elements of sweet, sour, and sometimes salt, with a citrusy foundation. At its simplest, a margarita is tequila, fresh lime juice, and an orange liquor to add depth and a bit of sweetness.  Or, […]

Cider Conversations: Looking to the Past, Present and Future with Two Broads Ciderworks

🍏 Past, Present and Future with Two Broads Ciderworks Maggie and Morgan of Two Broads Ciderworks in San Luis Obispo have been making cider for a few years, and we’ve been fans since they started. We recently toured their facility, tucked into a commercial area on the south side of San Luis Obispo near Beda’s […]

Hard Cider Tasting Events: Actionable Tips to Maximize Your Experience (Updated 2019)

With craft hard ciders gaining popularity every year, there’s a whole barrel-full of cider-tasting events, festivals, tours, and tap takeovers to make it easy to taste what’s new in the cider world. But with so many events, and so many ciders at each event to choose from, how do you maximize your time and enjoyment? […]

Beda’s Biergarten Creates Unique German Biers in San Luis Obispo

photo Beda's Bier

Beda’s Biergarten in San Luis Obispo is all about community, and we love how they infuse their family restaurant with warmth, welcome, and the German spirit of Gemütlichkeit. We especially enjoy their variety of Wurst, not-sour sauerkraut, and Schnitzel. Everything they create is made from scratch, with quality ingredients and attention to detail. And their […]

Beda’s Got Biers – Custom-Brewed Authentic German Biers in San Luis Obispo

A beer journey into the collaboration of Beda's new beer collaboration with Docs Cellar.

Thanks to a collaboration between Beda’s Biergarten and the Doc’s Cellar custom brewery in San Luis Obispo, Beda’s Biergarten offers authentic Altbier, Kellerbier, and UrBeda Bock bier. Here’s how the custom-crafted Beda’s Biers came to be. Bier: Not Just a Beverage Bier (or beer) is more than just a beverage in Germany. It marks history, […]

Central Coast Cider Festival – Event Recap (2018)

Central Coast Cider Festival 2018 Feature Article

The craft hard cider producers on the Central Coast, with nearly a dozen in San Luis Obispo County, are out to change the perception that hard cider tastes like apple cider for adults. They did that and more at the 3rd annual Central Coast Cider Festival in Atascadero, where cider producers and cider fans gathered […]

What’s Hoppening in the Cider World? Find out at the 2018 Central Coast Cider Festival

Have you wondered what’s behind the current trend of adding hops to hard cider? We sure have. And what does it mean to all of us cider fans?  Now we can all get the scoop at the Central Coast Cider Festival’s educational seminar and brunch (complete with cider-mosas), where we’ll learn about the cidermaking journey […]