Great Flavors Bakery

GF Bakery... My trademark became carrot cake, which I brought to nearly every party to which I was invited. Moist, tender, and full of flavor, no one noticed it was gluten free — including (and especially) my no-food-sensitivity friends and family. This was crucial to me as a baker and inspired me to continue adapting recipes.....

And so began the early and accidental steps that led to founding the Great Flavors Bakery. Our passion is creating handcrafted, small-batch baked goods, made with quality ingredients and local options whenever possible.

The delectable bonus? Everything we make is gluten free (represented by the GF in our Great Flavors Bakery name).

Our overarching criteria: great flavor. No exceptions.

The holidays are coming! Pre-order your special celebration desserts soon!

In fact, we have a zero-tolerance policy for GFA: that not-so-good gluten-free aftertaste and texture often associated with gluten-free products. No GFA – it’s our promise.

We believe we make the best baked goods you've ever had, regardless of gluten status. We invite you to taste the Great Flavors difference. We know you'll come back for the taste.

Grab your fork & check out the Great Flavors Bakery site!

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