350 Cookie Co. Review — No Crumbs Left Behind (2019)

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350 Cookie Company (delicious) review.
90’s pop culture meets delicious cookies.

What happens when a chef who loves ‘90s pop culture focuses his talent on the humble cookie?

The humble cookie is transformed.

At 350 Cookie Co, Chef Jeff DiGirolamo creates renditions of old favorites and new expressions of anything-but-boring cookies.

350 Cookie Co. (named for the oven temperature to bake his cookies) started in 2016. At the time, he was finishing his degree at the Arizona Culinary Institute in Scottsdale. To fulfill the internship requirement, he created the company. He soon found that cookies, elevated to a new level, were his passion.

When Chef Jeff moved back to the Central Coast after graduating, he opened his delivery-based bakery. His hungry fan base has been growing ever since.  

S'mores cookie. Hot off the fire.
S’mores hot off the camp fire & wrapped up into a cookie. 📸 Sara Sanders

Not Your Grandma’s Cookie

Chef Jeff combines common cookie ingredients (chocolate chips, peanut butter, oatmeal, crisp rice cereal) in unusual — and delicious — ways.

Like the popular Buttercrunch, with butterscotch chips, cornflakes, and pretzels. A better Butterfinger®.

Or S’mores: a campfire-free combo of milk chocolate chunks, graham cracker crumbles, and mini marshmallows.

He also makes vegan cookies (like PB and the Vegan, with peanut butter and chocolate chips, or The Crissy Vegan, with chocolate chips and walnuts).

Need gluten-free cookies? He’s got you covered with several that can be special ordered. How about Hella Nutella (chocolate cookie, Nutella, sea salt), Peanut Butter Mayhem (peanut butter cookie, chocolate and peanut butter chips, peanut butter candy), or Tuxedo (macadamia nut, chocolate and white chocolate chips).

We’ve personally tested the S’mores and the gluten-free Cereal Bowl with Fruity Pebbles. They’re everything you hope for in a cookie. We can’t wait to try other flavors.

Inspired by street art, the astronaut logo is a fun-loving mascot of 350 Cookie Co.
Inspired by street art, the astronaut logo is a fun-loving mascot of 350 Cookie Co. 📸 Sara Sanders

Fun That Tastes Good

And Chef Jeff’s creativity doesn’t stop with the recipes.

Each cookie name is rendered to reflect the logos of TVs shows popular in the 1990s — Full House, The Simpsons, Saved by the Bell, Seinfeld, Friends, and more.

So each pink box of custom-crafted 350 Cookie Co. cookies is a feast for your eyes — and your taste buds.

A High-Flying Logo

Inspired by street art, the astronaut logo is a fun-loving mascot of 350 Cookie Co. Whether you think he has a giant cookie for a head or a giant cookie is reflected in his helmet, you’re right. Chef Jeff is all about delicious cookies with fun flair.

Sara Sanders recreated the logo with cereal and other baking items for a super-cool character.

Got milk, got cookies. All set!
Got milk, got cookies. All set! 📸 Sara Sanders

Cookies and Milk (or Wine)

Chef Jeff and his bakery manager Viki Westley are always looking for new venues to reach hungry cookie lovers with their delivery-based business.

Each order is made fresh and includes delivery in SLO County, from Atascadero to Nipomo.

350 Cookie Co. is popular with Cal Poly parents, students, and staff. Local businesses order cookies for meetings and parties. They also make tasty surprise gifts to anyone who needs a sweet lift.   

In addition to custom orders, you can find 350 Cookie Co. at the Paso Robles Farmers Market on Saturday mornings. The bakery booth also pops up at other events, so stay in touch on social media to find where. He’s even done wine events with cookies made specially to pair with wine.

Hungry Yet?

It’s so easy to get these cookies from Chef Jeff and into your belly. Just order 24 hours in advance, with a minimum order of at least 2 dozen (with 1 dozen per flavor).

You can order through 350 Cookie Co. on their Facebook and Instagram messenger.

Once you try a 350 Cookie Co. cookie, you’ll be back for more. You can thank us later for this tip – or send us a box 😊

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