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Welcome to Great Flavors, the Central Coast’s most in-depth online travel magazine and blog!

We named it Great Flavors because, to us, great flavor is that distinctive and appealing quality that applies to everything in life, not just food.
Join our odyssey to discover it all — from food to fun adventures — and chart your journey through coastal California’s most flavorful experiences.

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Great Flavors California Cider Guide (2018 edition)

Whether you’re a devoted fan of craft hard cider or just beginning to explore the range of styles and flavors available, the Great Flavors California Cider Guide is for you. Our guide provides a fresh, fun resource to the great cider producers on Califofrnia’s Central Coast and beyond. We share the unique personalities and products from each cider producer, as well as tips on enjoying cider, types of apples, the cider-making process, and more.
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