Adventures and Activities

Cy Avila SailingLife is more than just eating and drinking (although it’s easy to do both very well on California's Central Coast).

The area is a treasure all by itself. Great weather, sparkling ocean, spouting whales just off shore, outdoor activities galore. The Flavor Team enjoys getting outside and experiencing the variety of ways to spend time on the land and in the Central Coast Swimmingwater.

Great Flavors reports on the best-of-the-best healthy options in the Central Coast area from Arroyo Grande, up the coast of the tri-beach communities (Grover/Pismo/Shell Beach) to San Luis Obispo and a bit beyond.

Mainstream to offbeat, we share ideas that support your flavor-filled life.

Adventures and Activities

  • Got Pumpkins? 7 Places to Pick Your Perfect Calabasa in SLO

    It’s pumpkin time. Not only does that mean it’s time for pumpkin-spiced everything (and we mean everything), but it’s time to go pumpkin hunting for the perfect orange orb that will add the fall touch to your décor or become the canvas for the best carved jack-o-lantern in the neighborhood. And, sure, you can dig […]

  • What’s SUP! 10 Easy Tips to Rock your First Stand-Up Paddleboarding Experience

    Feature Video Otters raise their heads in hello. Silver schools of fish flow and reshape through the kelp like mercury. Harbor seals bark their greeting. Or perhaps they’re barking a strong suggestion for you to slow down, breathe, and relax. After all, you’re on a Stand-Up Paddleboard. As you gently dip your paddle and glide […]

  • Firelight Rhapsody: Enjoy the Simple Pleasure of a Pismo Beach Campfire (10 Easy Steps)

    Feature Video Sitting with friends around the campfire, watching the waves, cooking simple camp food, and enjoying life…. Ah, yes. This is one of the Flavor Team‘s favorite activities, all year round. Over the years, we’ve learned a few tricks to building a beach fire. Here’s what you need to know to create your own […]

  • Top 3 Places to Celebrate the Fourth of July (Central Coast Style)

    Pick Your Fireworks Location and Plan Your Day Around One of These Ocean Towns What’s better than the Fourth of July—celebrating freedom, opportunity, and gratitude for all we have here in the USA, all wrapped up in red, white, and blue, and centered around time with family and friends? And fireworks! (Did we mention fireworks?!?) The […]

  • A Whale’s Tale: SLO Sailing on the Central Coast

    Waves and whales (lots of whales) converge on a SLO Sailing trip out of Avila Bay, Central Coast, California Feature Video As we step out of the small power boat and board the Spirit, Captain Mark Kocina with Central Coast Sailing Charters helps us find our seats circling the teak table in the middle of […]

  • The Gem of the Central Coast: Moonstone Beach

    Activity:: Hike, Beach Walks, Surfing, Body Boarding Location: Just outside Cambria, California Ever since I moved to California over three years ago, I began to explore the many hiking areas around the Central Coast. How cool is it that we have so many choices: inland trails, trails along the coast, and a variety of beaches. […]

  • Mission Accomplished: Flavor Team Achieves 100 Mile Challenge/2016

    Along the way toward completing the challenge of swimming 100 miles during 2016 at the SLO Swim Center, an interesting thing happened…. When we signed up in January 2016 for the 100 Mile Challenge at the SLO Swim Center, little did we know how much it would create ripples and seep into so many other […]

  • SLO Swim Center: So Much More than a Lap Pool

    Outdoor pool provides community-focused programs for everyone.  As you turn the corner at Laurel and Southwood on the southern edge of San Luis Obispo, nice townhomes and huge eucalyptus trees line the residential street. There’s no clue that at the end of the lane lies one of the city’s sparkling gems: the SLO Swim Center. […]

  • 100 Mile SLO Swim Challenge

    It is a brisk afternoon and I am heading down to the local pool for my next swim (SLO Swim Center – ). I am excited to jump feet first into the pool to cool down, get some exercise, and just enjoy the water. Swimming has become one of my favorite activities and jumping in […]

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