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2nd Annual Central Coast Cider Festival [16 Local Cider Crafters]

Hard Cider. Easy Decision
2nd Annual Central Coast Cider Festival Flavor Team members Kara and Andrew heeded the call and excitedly signed up for the 2nd Annual Central Coast Cider Festival in Atascadero, California on May 13, 2017. It is time to get down to the serious business of cider tasting and meeting the interesting people of the Central Coast Cider World.
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  • Great food and wine (and cider and spirits) abound in the Great Flavors community. The simple pleasure of fresh local produce picked right before dawn,
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  • Life is more than just eating and drinking (although it’s easy to do both very well on California's Central Coast). The area is a treasure
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  • Great Flavors lets you know about upcoming events that sound especially tasty, and the Flavor Team provides reviews of select happenings. From the local favorites
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